Senior Producer / Project Manager

San Francisco


Transparent House is seeking to hire an experienced Senior Producer / Project Manager to work at our optimally located downtown San Francisco Studio.

Transparent House creates some of the best 3D photorealistic renderings and animations for product advertising and architecture. Who do we work with? We have great clients and are lucky enough to deal with some of the leading firms producing cutting-edge Products and Architecture. From concept to marketing, we assist at all stages of projects dealing with all areas of needs: product marketing, product animations, retail and all architectural fields. We’ve been in business for the past 11 years and continue growing year after year.



We have an amazing office in historic San Francisco Jackson Square neighborhood with a young diverse team of some of the most talented 3d specialists in the industry. There is no routine and the work is never boring!
– The heart of the job: Manage the team of artists and monitor the project from A to Z. Budgets, Schedules, Statements of Work

– Serve as liaison between clients and creative, able to smoothly communicate with all parties, including international clients

– Maintain and grow excellent client relationships for Transparent House
The Senior Producer / Project Manager is responsible for driving the success of the project, from early discussions with the client through planning to final delivery.


–  At least 5 years of work experience as Producer / Project Manager position in Advertising,  Architecture or Marketing. Agency or Creative Studio experience preferred.

– You have experience managing budgets and feel confident preparing Estimates, Change Orders, Additional Services, and preparing Billing Information to send to Accounting.

– You have experience setting up schedules, planning time for different steps, and coordinating complex processes. You also know how to prepare the schedule to share with others to allow visibility in a neat, clear way.

– You have experience managing creative talent.

– You have experience dealing directly with clients and their vendors and gathering complex information to translate it into a plan of action.

– You have experience dealing directly with creatives and TH vendors and communicating complex processes to them in a simple manner.

– You have experience preparing all documents surrounding the project, including Scope, Instructions for Creatives and Vendors, Presentations to the Clients, etc.

– You can work on a Mac or PC and are proficient in working with Adobe products, especially Photoshop and Illustrator. Familiarity with Autodesk products is a plus. Video editing or HTML knowledge is a plus. Technically a hands-on person who knows how to create presentable documents for the Clients.


– You understand and prefer the vibe of a small studio vs. the corporate world, while still ready to work with big clients.

– You can deal with stress well and don’t internalize it but thrive on it.

– You are assertive and tough enough to push through on difficult deals, both with clients, employees and vendors.

– You are a modern professional, with work-from-anywhere and be-reachable-on-the go mobility and flexibility without any rigid, traditional ideas about work, only the goal to get it done as efficiently as possible and make great projects.

–  Neat, organized, and presentable in your workspace as well as your personal style and pleasant to be around.

–  You return calls, answer emails, follow up on-time and in full detail to take care of client’s and partner’s needs.

–  An easy communicator, able to adjust your style to a wide range of clients and partners to get the message across to different types of people.

–  Your views on compensation should be not one of entitlement based on your job title, degree, or school and employer names attached to your past but on a daily performance drive to bring success to the company and your competitiveness.

– You are passionate about good design and will not compromise on it, while still being flexible enough to work in the ‘grey’ zone of different creative project scopes and their challenges.

– Understanding and interest in today’s pop culture is the must.

–  You want to grow with a studio long-term.
Please submit your CV and a cover letter describing why do you think you’d be the best fit for this position in a .pdf file format to