HP Reverb and ZVR

Transparent House Studio becomes the backdrop for HP's latest push in VR

We went back to our roots of classic photography for our latest campaign with HP

To launch their latest VR products, HP was looking to produce high-quality content that captures the essence of the use-cases of HP's workstation quality VR products. As opposed to much of what we see out there today pertaining to VR marketing, this shoot was aimed at reaching HP's workstation audience, i.e. business that relies only on the most powerful computing power out there. With a very short turn-around we dressed up our amazing office to fit the use cases of a design studio (duh!), HR training facilities, a car designer's office, and even a doctor’s office. The work involved both conventional shootings as well as a couple of shots produced against green-screen with our CGI perfectly executed with it. We are so stoked on how it all turned out and that some of us even got to get a few minutes of fame working as extras in the background.