Real time Shipyard


TH and Five Point partner to build the first of its kind real-time tour of Shipyard/Candlestick

Encompassing nearly 12,000 new homes, millions of square feet of retail, commercial, and entertainment space - and a footprint of more than 700 Acres - the SF Shipyard/Candlestick is one of the largest developments in San Francisco history. Transparent House has been working with Five Point for more than eight years on the project, identifying & deploying new technologies that complement this newest addition to the city-by-the-bay. To bring this massive development into an understandable, accessible form, TH created "Real Time Shipyard" which allows users to tour virtually any part of the project on their desktop or laptop - in real time. Viewers can fly through the development drone-style, explore any street, search by parcel numbers, activate true-to-life time of day and crowd functions, and much more. This tool gives unprecedented insight into a project of this scale.