Logitech Stalker

Logitech and Transparent House collaborate on the visual identity and asset production for the GHub Stalker Mouse launch


Imagery for first-to-market tech

  • Making Gains

    TH partnered with Halo Neuroscience for one of the most exciting product releases in the wearable health-tech world, a neuro-stimulating headset that accelerates learning and enhances training. To prepare for the release of Halo Sport, Transparent House produced a series of renderings highlighting the product’s advanced technology and sleek, modern design.


Blending reality and fantasy for the design firm, Lunar.

  • Cadence

    Function and form

    We were tasked by the Lunar team to add excitement and personality to their client’s Cadence computer servers. The resulting renderings were a striking interplay of light and pattern – a bold design for a server like no other.



    Mixed environments renderings showcase the product’s unique design in a variety of evocative settings.

  • Compositing

    Rendering and reality meet

    TH worked with Illumina to create an image displaying their Body Media Core 2 – a device that monitors skin temperature, heat flux, and motion to improve health and lifestyle – using a mix of product renderings and custom photography, shot in-house.

  • Haier

    Easel series television

    For this rendering, TH showcased the TV’s unique adjustable frame in an eye-catching environment.


Created full 3D environments and product renders for Hidden Radio’s product line

  • Images Come To Life

    As part of their kickstarter campaign, Transparent House created 3D environments and renders for Hidden Radio’s product line. As a result, the campaign far exceeded its backing goal.


Hyper-photorealistic renderings of the PSP handheld gaming device

  • Product Launch

    We created more than 200 renderings of different products, including the PSP and a host of branded accessories for Sony.

  • Details. Details.

    All deliverables met rigorous design specifications from the client, both inside the product and out.

  • Meeting Deadlines

    The most challenging aspect of the project was delivering a huge scope of work within a very short timeframe.


A collaborative rebranding effort with Marvel Cosmetics

  • VIP Visuals

    The Marvel Cosmetics Company, producers of specialized VIP cosmetics used in plastic surgery, approached Transparent House to create a package design for its product line.

  • Concise and upscale design

    Transparent House developed a series of ultra-photorealistic product renderings for the Marvel website and catalogues.


Boost Charger

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Water sports