Logitech Projects

The GHub experience, visualized by Transparent House

Logitech and Transparent House collaborate on the visual identity and asset production for the GHub experience launch

We got the great opportunity to produce visual assets for one of Logitech's latest innovations: the GHub experience. The task was to connect both the physical products from Logitech's gaming line-up and tying those together with a more conceptual concept of the GHub eco-system. The challenge was how to communicate something that is visually compelling while still also communicating a level of mathematics and logic to convey the high level of sophistication this eco-system provides. The result was a stunning product line-up in front of an ever-evolving sphere that has a very purposeful animation built to it along with Logitech's iconic RGB color pass washing through it. The production involved a classic product visualization pipeline as well as Houdini Simulations. The deliverables are used for a number of use-cases and we are equally proud each time we check in Logitech's website to see our work featured there.

  • Logitech G432

    Logitech, together with Transparent House launches new campaign for their latest gaming headsets

    To convey the feeling, you feel gaming with Logitech’s headsets we set out to produce a spot that merged actual Anthem gaming elements with the soundwaves of the action. We coupled this with some epic gaming sounds and a custom track, and the results were incredible. For the campaign we produced this 30-second spot as well as a series of gorgeous static work co-branded with Logitech and Anthem.

  • Logitech G935

    Logitech is taking the gaming headsets to the next level and we're helping them show it off

    Earlier this year, Logitech launched the G935 Gaming Headset. The most customizable headset on the market. The goal for the launch was to show the inner workings, the hardcore technology behind some of the best sounds there is in the gaming world. That coupled with the uber cool feature of the RGB band customized exactly to your liking. With a device this cool, it’s easy to get a fresh and engaging piece together. To put everything in to a conceptual perspective we created a “sound sphere” comfortably fitting inside the headset symbolizing the perfect audio captured. Sleek VFX and data points help conceptualize this great audio technology. This piece is also yet another great example of how Transparent House is a one-stop shop for your animation production. We produced everything from animation to custom music.


    Throughout Transparent House’s partnership with Logitech, we have been tasked with delivering stunning visual assets exclusively for computer and tablet accessories. In 2020, Logitech approached us with a completely different opportunity – to work on their top-secret market disruptor, meant to compete with already established members in the video doorbell space. Their entrance into this new space allowed us opportunities to expand our craft, and have a hand in this new chapter for our partner. Strange times call for clever solutions, as we had to solve many logistical issues of production caused by the pandemic. By rethinking our workflow and production methods, TH was able to successfully deliver with animations and renders visualizing our partner’s exciting first foray into a new market.

Logitech Circle View Doorbell - Transparent HouseLogitech Circle View Doorbell - Transparent House