Logitech G935

Custom animation and custom music, for a fully customizable headset

Logitech is taking the gaming headsets to the next level and we're helping them show it off

Earlier this year, Logitech launched the G935 Gaming Headset. The most customizable headset on the market. The goal for the launch was to show the inner workings, the hardcore technology behind some of the best sounds there is in the gaming world. That coupled with the uber cool feature of the RGB band customized exactly to your liking. With a device this cool, it's easy to get a fresh and engaging piece together. To put everything in to a conceptual perspective we created a "sound sphere" comfortably fitting inside the headset symbolizing the perfect audio captured. Sleek VFX and data points help conceptualize this great audio technology. This piece is also yet another great example of how Transparent House is a one-stop shop for your animation production. We produced everything from animation to custom music.