Willow Village


TH and Hart Howerton Partner to visualize the vision to connect Facebook's campuses with the larger Menlo Park community

Facebook is seeking to give back to the Menlo Park community with a vision to connect the campuses with the neighboring communities of Bell Haven and Menlo Park. The vision consists of large open public spaces, improved infrastructure, housing, and retail opportunities. We teamed up with the Hart Howerton team early on to craft the vision. Since this is early on and is yet to go through the many stages of the design we at the studio dreamed up much of the look and feel of these spaces with the help of Hart Howerton. With all master plan designs, this project is very sensitive so to truly find the perfect balance of proposing something new and fresh to a community without coming across as elitist or exclusionary was a great challenge for us and we are very pleased with how these renderings turned out. We are excited to follow the progress of this great community.