The Welcome Home Center at The Shipyard


  • Opportunity for the right team

    Putting project knowledge into design

    We teamed up with our design collaborator, Gradient Matter, to create a recommendation for the technical elements of the interior design at The Shipyard’s Welcome Center. Leveraging our familiarity with the project as visualists, we were able to propose a striking and functional technology that captured the proposed architecture and the neighborhood’s history.

  • Fresh design for a tech savvy client

    Mixing modern materials with interactive components

    Transparent House conceptualized a sales center to engage the sophisticated, tech-informed San Francisco buyer. Our design combined an immersive interactive experience for the visitor including backlit walls, video displays and touch screen experiences.

  • 3D as a Design Tool

    Raising the bar with design components

    As with all of our design projects, we leveraged our core capabilities of creating photorealistic 3d in our proposal for the Welcome Center. It helped us push the design further and faster which enabled the client to visualize the space early in the process.

  • Place with purpose

    Happy with the results

    The design proposal of the Welcome Center speaks volumes about Transparent House’s aesthetic, attention to detail, and ability to showcase new technologies in a sophisticated, accessible manner.