Studio TK Collections

Transitioning out of photography using 3D CGI

Transparent House helps furniture design firm Studio TK leverage CG to drive e-comm sales

Many of our clients still use a tried-and-true photography workflow to create marketing and e-commerce imagery for their brand. But as CGI (computer-generated imagery), has become indistinguishable from the "real" thing over the past several years, we have been quietly forming partnerships with clients who have expressed some of the pain points photography brings, including high costs, getting perfect images across a spectrum of product colors and variations, and having to physically build sets or pre-prototype products only to shoot them in a day and then tear it all down. With Studio TK, we are able to quickly deliver high-fidelity, print, and e-comm ready marketing imagery of their social-space-inspired furniture. Our CGI product services include studio lit products against white or colors, in-context collections with complete backgrounds and people, 360-degree product spins with interactive hotspots, photorealistic animations, and Augmented Reality assets, all without ever touching a camera.