Samsung Electronics, DSA

A Live Action & CGI video for Samsung's brand new West Coast Headquarters

  • Device Solutions America

    An R&D Facility in the Heart of Silicon Valley

    For the grand opening ceremony of their new Device Solutions America Headquarters in Silicon Valley, Samsung asked TH to create a video highlighting the history of Samsung Semiconductor and the features of their 1.1 million square foot flagship facility.

  • Collaborate, Innovate, Grow

    A 3-Part Story

    Samsung’s message “Collaborate, Innovate, Grow” was used to drive the story of the company’s development and achievements, and as a slogan for future growth.

  • Our Bread and Butter

    Bringing it Together with CGI

    No TH production would be complete without stunning CGI. Used to show off the grandeur of the new facility, and to enhance product shots, CGI brings the video to life in ways traditional photography cannot.

  • Eyes in the Sky

    Drone and Helicopter Videography

    To complement the sweeping CGI shots, TH captured dramatic footage of the facility, surrounding valley, and nearby city of San Jose using drones and a helicopter.