Geo-Referenced Virtual Reality Content for a Large Urban Developer

  • View the Impossible

    Peer Through the Eyes of the “Owl”

    For Lennar Urban, TH partnered with Owlized to deploy a unique, permanent VR installation at the San Francisco Shipyard onsite Welcome Center. Transparent House created two 360-degree Panoramas, viewable using the Owl device, to show the evolution of this historic San Francisco neighborhood. The “Owl” device allows users to toggle between the past, present, and future – from the 1950s when battleships were serviced in dry dock to the completion of the Shipyard development, several years from now.

  • Testimonials

    Sheryl McKibben, CMO of Five Point


    “Thanks to Transparent House, our community members, investors, prospective residents, and tenants can easily step into the past to see, hear, and feel what it was like to be on an active Navy Base in the 1950’s, post World War II. Then, they can seamlessly transition to the future of The SF Shipyard and experience the vibrant community of San Franciscans living, working and playing in this bustling neighborhood.”