Lights on!

With our partners at Lucifer Lighting Company, Transparent House has had the opportunity to work on the ever-expanding Lucifer catalog of products, creating unique marketing assets tailored to each fixture design. From the very beginning, the goal was to contextualize the products in ways that move away from a strictly utilitarian approach to marketing. Instead of a list of specifications, we wanted to show the customer the experience of powering on the product in their own space. More specifically, with all products we collaborate on with Lucifer, great attention is taken to how the light from the product interacts with environments we have created, to truly represent the final product’s effect on lighting a room. Complimenting intricate lighting conditions, are beautiful environments designed to show off the strengths and use cases of every respective device, utilizing our studio’s skills in architectural visualization. TH continues to work and innovate alongside Lucifer, with more projects to be shared in the future!

Lucifer Lighting - Transparent HouseLucifer Lighting - Transparent House