HP Products

The HP Z series consists of the most powerful workstations available on the market

The most powerful workstations available on the market

We worked alongside HP’s marketing team to develop a series of visual collateral including marketing videos, high-resolution product renderings and interactive product tours.

  • Visualizing the Z Series Towers

    Producing stunning assets for astonishing machines

    HP came to Transparent House seeking an agency that would do justice to a diverse and detailed Z-Towers product line. We delivered on multiple fronts, keeping on message within the company’s stringent brand guidelines while showcasing the towers in their best light.

  • Keeping it Creative

    Working with the HP Marketing Team to develop a concept

    HP came to rely on the Transparent House creative team to push HP brand presentations further, and greenlit our Z-Towers storyboard concept which included innovative approaches to product presentation and environments.

  • It’s all in the details

    Close attention to specifics is key

    For each individual project we compare CAD models provided with actual physical units, photographed right here in our own studio, making sure all components of the Z-Product line are accurate and shown in their best light.

  • Beyond the Animations

    Digital assets for multiple applications

    Once visualized to its ultimate photorealistic quality, we leverage our CGI animated assets to be used across a host of other applications, including high-resolution still renderings and interactive hot-spot tours. This allows the client to repurpose the digital asset library Transparent House has created for product updates and between departments in a cost effective way.