HP Products

Product Renderings, Animation, Live Action, and Interactive content for HP

  • Visualizing the Z Series

    Producing stunning assets for astonishing machines

    HP came to Transparent House seeking an agency that would do justice to their flagship Z-Series line of products. We delivered on multiple fronts, keeping on-message within the company’s stringent brand guidelines while creatively showcasing the Z-Series as icons of efficiency and power.

  • Creative Roots

    Concepting with the HP Marketing Team

    HP relied on the Transparent House creative team to push the HP brand farther than ever before, and greenlit some of our edgier Z-Series concepts, which included innovative product presentations and striking environments.

  • The devil's in the details

    Close attention to specifics is key

    For each individual project we compare CAD models provided with actual physical units, photographed right here in our own studio, making sure all components of the Z-Product line are accurate and shown in their best light.

  • Beyond Animation

    Digital assets for multiple applications

    Once we have produced the animated assets, we can easily leverage them across a host of other deliverables, including high-resolution renderings, interactive hot-spot tours, or virtual reality experiences. By using the digital libraries we create, our clients can make quick product updates or share assets between departments in a cost effective way.

HP Reverb and ZVR

Transparent House Studio becomes the backdrop for HP's latest push in VR

  • We went back to our roots of classic photography for our latest campaign with HP

    To launch their latest VR products, HP was looking to produce high-quality content that captures the essence of the use-cases of HP’s workstation quality VR products. As opposed to much of what we see out there today pertaining to VR marketing, this shoot was aimed at reaching HP’s workstation audience, i.e. business that relies only on the most powerful computing power out there. With a very short turn-around we dressed up our amazing office to fit the use cases of a design studio (duh!), HR training facilities, a car designer’s office, and even a doctor’s office. The work involved both conventional shootings as well as a couple of shots produced against green-screen with our CGI perfectly executed with it. We are so stoked on how it all turned out and that some of us even got to get a few minutes of fame working as extras in the background.

HP Commercials


TH helps HP engineer the never before, voxel by voxel.

TH partnered with Gyro and Beast to create "HP-Manifesto" a reveal of HPs new multi-jet fusion 3D printer. We produced more than a dozen Visual Effects and full-CGI shots for this 90-second spot.

TH goes to Mars with HP & Nvidia.

HP tasked TH to help launch their HP Mars Home Planet Campaign at Autodesk University in Las Vegas, and TH responded with this eye-catching 90-second spot, featuring spectacular CGI visions of the Red Planet and a public call to action.


For the launch of HP's new Virtual Reality monitor, TH directed and produced this 60-second VFX heavy spot.

ZVR behind the scenes

Check out how we did it with this "making of" video we created for HP ZVR.