Crescent Moon

Design Entry For the 11th ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award

  • (No) Competition

    An exercise in large scale design

    For the 11th ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award, an architectural competition for the design of a tall emblem structure in Za’abeel Park in Dubai, the Transparent House team submitted their original design, “Crescent Moon Tower”.

  • Concept to Visualization

    From start to finish

    From core concept to architectural design development to full project documentation and visualization, Crescent Moon Tower was created entirely in-house and became the most notable competition entry from a visualization firm.

  • The New Face of Dubai

    Design with a message

    The proposed structure is meant to promote tourism, recreation, scientific, and cultural activities with program elements such as a children’s library, a conference facility, cafes, a restaurant, and an open-air observation platform. To this day, Transparent House receives inquiries about this “building” and where it might be found in Dubai!