Full 3D renderings for a high-end closet design company

  • Designing a space

    Putting high quality products in their true environment

    We design the space in which our client’s products are showcased. Taking into consideration target demographics, we design environments that capture the essence of the brand.

  • From Photography to 3D CGI

    Using CGI assets to design space more efficiently

    Instead of relying on their traditional approach of physically building each space to photograph, we transitioned our client to a largely CGI design workflow, whereby the majority of their marketing is now built around a library of 3D assets.

  • Leveraging the digital library

    Tying the design together with custom created 3D models

    All accessories, books, and clothing were scanned at our in-house green-screen studio to create a 3D digital library of models. A catalogue of over 400 items gives the client a great amount of flexibility finding the perfect wardrobe.