California Closets

The finest craftsmanship deserves only the best visualization techniques there are

Transparent House and California Closets continue great collaboration for marketing and educational asset production

Transparent House and California Closets celebrate 5 years together as partners designing and producing the most stunning product rendering assets in the industry. Over the last 5 years, we have together with California Closets produced over a hundred stunning renderings and animations, and even interactive sales tools featuring the best home closet systems one can find. Working with California Closets is always rewarding as we get to put our very finest eyes to the test ensuring that our renderings cannot, to the untrained eye, be distinguishable from real photography. Shifting much of the work from photography to rendering work has allowed California Closets to be much more flexible in their asset production, making changes on the fly to design, staging, or even outputting multiple versions of the same systems in different finishes and hardware. We are incredibly proud and thankful for our partnership with CCC and we look forward to many more years of an exciting collaboration.