California Closets Virtual Tours

Transparent House is taking product tours to a new level

Transparent House helps California Closets customers to dream up their dream home

To help California Closets communicate to their clients the many possibilities and solutions they provide we produced a fully interactive tour of two model homes equipped with California Closets products in every room. The interactive tour is available on the AppStore as a Cardboard VR experience as well as an iPad experience. The problem, California Closets were facing was how to make their client's visualize and conceptualize how these products would feel and interact with their home, to solve that problem we created two model homes in which each room you are able to manipulate the closets through a series of pre-sets to your palette and budget. This tool allows California Closets to truly showcase their full range of product offerings and solutions they offer. Each space is viewable in 360 degrees and the application is used both as a sales tool for showroom agents as well as a marketing asset where potential customers get to take a pair of googles with them home to explore the space in the comfort of their own home. Currently, two model homes are available, and the plan is to expand with more use case scenarios and products.