Brookfield Sales App

Rancho Tesoro at San Marcos, CA

  • This application includes 3 different neighborhoods of single-family homes.  Our challenge was to create one sales tool that encompassed all three neighborhoods while allowing each neighborhood to be unique in its own right.  Our client also wanted to have the capability to update the house specifications remotely as the sales picture evolved, per neighborhood.

  • Transparent House came up with a universal template for all 3 neighborhoods, which proved to be an extremely cost-effective and time-efficient solution. Each neighborhood remains unique through the use of different floor plans, images, and assets but operates on an identical platform. Every sales agent has their own access to a web-based administrative panel where they can update housing sales information on site or remotely.

  • The sales app launched successfully and users benefit from real-time status updates. Of the units available, most have already sold or been reserved. The application allows sales agents to give potential customers an overview of an entire community, as well as pull up specific details on individual homes and the amenities available nearby.