Brookfield Homes VR Tour

Offering amenities is valuable in-home pre-sales. Showing them in VR is priceless

Transparent House partners up with Brookfield in showcasing state of the art VR tours of neighborhood amenities

Part of the draw for the Boulevard neighborhood is the many amenities it offers, but convincing home-buyers that the amenities will be plentiful before there's anything to show can be hard. We helped Brookfield overcome this challenge by producing a super polished and beautiful VR experience that takes you through all the great amenity spaces of their Rec Center currently being built. The tour allows you to navigate through the building and get a super realistic peek in to what is to come for the future residents of the Boulevard Neighborhood. The VR experiences rolled out as mobile Gear VR experiences at the physical sales center in Dublin, CA, and was also added as an interactive QTVR experience on their website. The VR experience has allowed the Brookfield sales team to give their future residents a much more encompassing idea of what is to come.