The Vale – A Case Study

The Vale – A Case Study

As a creative agency, we do much more than architectural and product visualization. Companies often come to us to create branding packages including name, logo, and color scheme.  WATT Companies asked us to do just that for their newest neighborhood in Sunnyvale, CA.
For this new real estate development, Watt Companies was looking for architectural visualizations, and website design in addition to the branding package.  They wanted the brand to reflect the community they are in, Sunnyvale, CA, and we took it from there.


Brand Design

Through research and creative brainstorming, we were able to present Watt a host of name and logo options. From there, we tweaked and refined until we have settled on the perfect name, design, and color scheme.  The next step was naming the different floor plans. Again, we looked for inspiration from the Sunnyvale community. Porter, Cortland, and Monroe, inspired by orchards that used to populate the area, won the vote.


Architectural Visuals

At Transparent House, we know our way around a floor plan, and producing jaw dropping 3D visualizations is our specialty! When creating a photorealistic rendering or animation, we focus on the viewer’s experience. In this case, sunny, sweeping aerials and ground views touring the neighborhood to show what life at The Vale is like.


Website Design

Once the branding package and visualizations are complete, it was time to build the website. A video was created to guide potential residents through Sunnyvale’s newest neighborhood and highlight the proximity to local restaurants and entertainment.


In late 2015 The Vale sold to Landsea Holdings for a whopping $186 million – one of the largest residential deals in the Silicon Valley.