Transparent House, Maximus Real Estate Partners, and Parkmerced – “Live Larger”

Transparent House, Maximus Real Estate Partners, and Parkmerced – “Live Larger”

This summer, Maximus Real Estate Partners enlisted Transparent House Group to execute their latest OOH marketing campaign which urges the residents of San Francisco to “Live Larger” at Park Merced. From start to finish, the Transparent House team collaborated with Creative Directors Alex Flint and Kiumars “Q” Gourki to bring the campaign to life across the city with vibrant CG and striking visuals.

The scope of this project involved creative, storyboarding, casting, photography, post production, and deployment to signage and billboards across the city. As a full service creative agency, we were excited to take on the challenge!

Creative Brainstorm

It all starts with a vision. Maximus approached TH knowing they wanted to show the residents of San Francisco what it meant to “Live Larger” in a city known for notoriously tight and expensive living spaces. By showing normal, everyday scenes play out in overly small but relatable space, TH was able to bring the subtext to life, tongue firmly in cheek.


Casting Call

To kick-start the campaign, we hosted a series of open casting calls and carefully hand-picked the faces of Live Larger. With one of our largest turnouts to date, we selected a dynamic group of talent reflective of San Francisco’s diverse population.

Quiet on Set!

Over the course of two full days, we shot the still campaign at our in-house green screen studio. We were privileged to work with the creative duo, Ransom and Mitchell, as well as many other industry professionals in the Bay area. Not to mention, Bobby the dog!


In-House Production

No strangers to CG, our in-house production team meticulously crafted the environments for the still campaign. With five scenes to render, our team created spaces that reflect the drawbacks of cramped living in San Francisco (something we can all relate to!), encouraging viewers to embrace the space that Parkmerced offers.

Billboards are Live

The final results are now on display across San Francisco. Keep an eye out for Parkmerced’s campaign on Muni, BART, and billboards around town.

Spot the ads and snap a pic. Tag #LiveLargerSF to win a TH T-shirt!

UPDATE – pictures of the campaign found around San Francisco:

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