Transparent House Presents Kilroy Realty’s One Paseo

Transparent House Presents Kilroy Realty’s One Paseo

Come one. Come all. A true motto for the next state of the art innovative campus currently being constructed by our dear friends at Kilroy Realty. We were approached early on in the process to produce a video that would perfectly capture the essence of what this project is all about, why it’s a perfect opportunity for future tenants as well as for the community as a whole.

In the early ideation stage we played around with a few different concepts until we finally landed on the story of April, Trevor and Ruby. People with very different needs and desires in life, all coming together at One Paseo taking advantage of the many amenities the project offers.

As with any project, we start with a set of pitch boards; boards meant to capture the general essence of what we’re trying to achieve without getting too bogged down on the specifics. We always try to capture this in 6-12 frames so that we all feel good about the general direction we’re going before moving in to the specifics of storyboarding and shot planning. From there we moved to the more elaborate storyboards using sketches for each individual shot of the video.

Then came the shoot days! The shoot days are always a lot of fun, so much anticipation is in the air from all the pre-production work leading up to it. All factors of the shoot need to align since we have a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time. Where’s the talent? Do we have a wardrobe? Are we on schedule? What’s for lunch? Can we do one more take? We worked with a fantastically talented team in L.A. and the results were extraordinary.

Once back up in the bay we spared no time and jumped straight to rendering, compositing, and editing, and not to toot our own horn but we’re quite proud of the end result!

There are a lot of factors that go in to a successful production and we at Transparent House are fortunate to have all the key talent under one roof to make productions like these happen.

Take a look at some of our other broadcast commercials we’ve produced over the years here and drop me a line if you want to learn more of how we can help you on your next marketing campaign!


Kristoffer Ronngard
Senior Operations Manager