THVR – Virtual Reality in the Classroom

THVR – Virtual Reality in the Classroom


Discussion of the future often includes the landscape of virtual reality and how it will shape society. Our in-house virtual reality development team, THVR, certainly understands the magnitude of VR and began a mission to inspire the next generation with interactive experiences in the classroom. THVR visited Farallone View Elementary in Montara, California to impart their wisdom of VR and bring the magic to life for the young students of today.

TH President, Denis Krylov, joined Transparent House developers, Hideki Kawata and Don Pham, to display the power of VR. The presentation included an informative discussion outlining the process of creation followed by an interactive demo. Exclamations of excitement, lots of questions, and the most direct feedback we have ever received, ensued.  While interacting with a unique car demo created by TH, the children were delighted to learn that the power of VR goes beyond just the gaming world. They wanted to know more – asking about today’s use of VR in general, Google Cardboard and companies involved in VR.

As the presentation wrapped up, we knew that the next generation of VR enthusiasts and creators were sitting right in front of us.

If you’re interested in bringing the world of VR to your child’s classroom and you’re located in the Bay Area, please contact



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