Project Feature: The Village SF

Project Feature: The Village SF

In early 2021, TH was approached by Pyatok, to visualize a new and important development in San Francisco. Titled The Village SF, this development is a physical, cultural, and spiritual nexus for urban Native Americans. The Village SF features extremely modern architectural forms, such as curved glass, textured walling, and terrace vegetation. Our artists worked closely with the team at Pyatok to nail the look of this hyper-modern development.

If you want to hear more about Pyatok’s inspiration for the unique architecture, find out more here!

Street level building shot.

In terms of CG, this project proved quite difficult for a multitude of reasons. As seen in the final render, this building utilizes a hyper-modern and stylistic architecture style, which was a challenge our artists were able to overcome with great results. 

An even larger challenge was the implementation of this complicated CG architecture into a photographed image. While CG allows us to create any condition we want, practical photography brings a host of logistical challenges that we had to wrestle with. The street itself is incredibly busy – with constant San Francisco traffic and commotion occurring outside, obscuring the shot. This made our time photographing the area in a variety of lighting conditions in order to correctly simulate the visualized Village building, much more challenging than a typical photomontage rendering.

We couldn’t be happier with the final result, and the fact we were able to play a small part in the creation of this innovative community hub in San Francisco. 

Aerial view of building.

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