You’ve probably heard the buzz about Oculus Virtual Reality – the new VR technology that supports 360 degrees of immersive stereoscopic vision with head tracking sensors and virtually no motion sickness. Your gamer friends can’t stop talking about the immersive experience and how badly they want a headset to use at home.

But, what else is this technology being used for? It has to go beyond the gaming world…. right?


At TH, we’re using this technology to help you walk through buildings and developments that don’t even exist yet. …Virtually, of course.


VR gives the user an experience unlike any other. The stereoscopic vision in VR simulates what we see in real life: depth, distance and atmospherics that you typically cannot feel in animations and 2D graphics. The user interface and controls are designed to be hands free allowing for usage across a broad range of age groups. With 360 degrees of viewing freedom, you can look up, down and all around as you would in the real world.

VR combined with TH’s ability to make images look hyperreal, you may not be able to tell what’s reality and what’s virtual reality!

VR Teaser


We have something coming….

Check in on our next post for an exciting TH + VR project!