TH Lands SF Magazine Cover

TH Lands SF Magazine Cover

We are delighted to announce that we have been featured on the front cover of San Francisco Magazine’s Urban Design Issue!  The stunning image depicts the Sutro Tower, reimagined and filled with luxury condominiums. Jon Steinberg, editor-in-chief of SF Magazine, describes why they chose our design for the cover. “We just loved the audacity and impossibility of the whole idea. It’s like an urban planner’s darkest fantasy.” He adds, “The cover feels to me like a giant middle finger to the impossible.” As a visualization studio, we are proud to share with the masses that 3D can successfully bring the impossible into reality.


The San Francisco Re-Imagined series began as a creative exercise to push our own design abilities in unexpected environments from the city that surrounds us. In doing so, we aimed to create something new, something that challenges the status quo of San Francisco development. We took iconic, untouchable, SF landmarks and reimagined them as modern housing, office, and public spaces. The results were shocking to some and inspiring to others. Although these renderings were created as an internal exercise and do not reflect any future plans for the buildings depicted, we thoroughly enjoyed hearing the public’s reactions to our designs.




Created over the course of four months, one image per month, the Sutro Tower was the first image of the series to be completed. In creating the image our senior designer, Hideki Kawata, first created the model of the structure that already existed.  In order to fill the tower, our team conducted rigorous research as well as crafted inspiration boards. In moving forward with the creation of the reimagined tower, we decided on an urban futuristic style with a sleek glass exteriors. The creation of the image involved multiple steps which include various phases of modeling and  previews, shown below.


Our team consistently challenges the status quo by crafting thought-provoking internal projects that inspire our work. Previous internal projects that have garnered media interest include The Crescent Moon, nominated for the ThyssenKrupp Elevator Award, as well as our internal branding project, Blazing Dragonfly.