TH Goes to CES 2016

TH Goes to CES 2016

Transparent House Director of Accounts, David Scott and TH Partner, Denis Krylov, took on the high-tech world of CES Las Vegas last week!

Life changing iPhone accessories and extravagant cars were on display. Not yet released products, like transparent smartphones, passenger prototype flying drones, and of course VR Headsets were being demoed.

The future is now, people!


Courtesy of Instagram @transparenthouse 


Read on for a recap of the CES experience below.


Why is CES an important event for TH to be a part of?

D.K.: “We’d like to see the latest trends in technology, meet with some of our clients and showcase our work. It’s also great to see what companies do for their product’s presentation.”


What was your favorite part of CES this year?

D.K.: “It was interesting to see VR becoming more mainstream. I feel as though there is a

lot of hardware but the content (something that we produce) is not there yet. Amazing drone technology, 8K TV screens.”

D.S.: “It was so great to see the enthusiasm on the floor for “smart” technology and immersive entertainment this year. From two-plus-hour waits for the HTC Vive demo, to Samsung’s huge deployment of VR and bleeding edge screen technologies, to audio immersion product technology, it was a blast to get to experience it all with the largest turnout at CES yet. I believe VR is going to be center stage this year and dozens of manufacturers were catering to Virtual Reality, including Nikon and GoPro. I tried some 2D VR immersive theater as well, and that, coupled with good audio may really transform the way we consume TV and Film – all very exciting!”


What was the most memorable product or event? 

D. S.: “I can’t resist a cool car and its always fun to sit in the latest concepts and see what new “smart” technologies are on the horizon. Chevy’s new Spark and Volt might just set the stage for a new conversation about a meaningful, practical electric car. But Faraday Future stole the spotlight with its 1,000 horsepower, 200mph electric concept “rocket”, the FF Zero 1. And driverless technology was huge. Nvidia announced a supercomputer for driverless cars, which they claim will transform the landscape for practical autonomous vehicle integration. Several of the major auto companies had interesting displays showcasing driverless innovations, from camera technology to enhancements in mapping, to cloud connectivity. It certainly appears we are entering a truly new era…”


“Would you go back again next year?” 

D.K.: “Yes!”

D.S.: “Most definitely. We can’t remain a valid participant in the interactive space without understanding the newest technology and trends and CES never fails to impress, surprise and grow. Looking forward to 2017!”


Not only did our team get to experience CES, but Transparent House got to be a part of two projects showcased at the event! Check out our collaboration with HP on this HP Zvr Virtual Reality display commercial!

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