Project Feature: Sumiko

Project Feature: Sumiko

TH presents our animation love-letter to analog music, and to vinyl lovers everywhere. Our partners at Sumiko have over 40 years of rich history, producing the world’s finest phono cartridges by hand.  When working with Sumiko, we wanted that history to be felt within the animation itself, and we built our creative around the reverence for Sumiko’s brand and their impact on the analog medium as a whole. The end result is an animation that details the newest flagship product in astonishing detail, able to the show the viewer the most microscopic grooves, while also being a visual celebration of the analog audio medium as a whole.

Our partners had this to say about our process:

“The Transparent House team is a joy to work with. The creative team prioritized our needs to create something both beautiful and technically correct. They were eager to understand the content themselves so that they could create a more informed product that the whole world can now learn from as well as enjoy the very impressive, unique & engaging aesthetics that are sure to draw many viewers.”

Chris Menth
Sumiko Cartridges & Pro-Ject USA

The TH Behance page has the full breakdown of early storyboards, draft animations, behind the scenes insights, and much more! Check it out here! 


Client: Sumiko Phono Cartridges
Creative Production Agency: Transparent House, Inc.
Music: Christopher Crisci / Appleseed Cast
Executive Producer: Denis Krylov
Head Of Production: Michael Shatilov
Creative Direction: Yuri Pitomtsev and Michael Puzakov
Lead Animator: Alex Michel