Redefining Visual Communication – HP Zvr Commercial

Redefining Visual Communication – HP Zvr Commercial

The success of actualizing a product throughout a commercial rests within the production team’s ability to communicate understanding to the audience. This can be especially challenging for products that require visual effects to demonstrate their features properly. In order to inform their audience about HP’s new virtual reality monitor, the HP Zvr, Transparent House developed a VFX driven concept that demonstrated the product’s power in a visually striking manner, while effectively communicating the versatility of the system using a simple storyline.



To showcase the advanced hardware of the Zvr, it was critical to display the tool across a variety of use-case scenarios, from Product Development, to Medical/Education, to Artistic. The subtext was straightforward: Across disciplines, time zones, and cultures, the HP Zvr transforms the manner in which we communicate and learn, through the use of stereoscopic 3D. Each scenario showed someone in a recognizable career, communicating through the innovative format of this new virtual reality monitor. With their digital creations emerging from the screen, each individual needed to be able to communicate their idea in an unprecedented way – setting the stage for what HP is getting behind as the next great learning tool technology. Our challenge was to tell that story in 60 seconds.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 9.22.00 AM


Early in the process, our main question to ourselves quickly became, how do we demonstrate the Zvr’s stereoscopic 3D technology when our audience will only be able to view it in 2D? Utilizing our expertise in photorealistic CGI, and more than a decade of visual effects and stereo-3D experience, our team created captivating imagery that appeared as it would for a creator when working on the Zvr screen. We both modeled and animated the elements that appeared on the screens in 3D – including a futuristic bicycle, a beating heart, an architectural model, a spaceship, and an howling wolf.


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It was critical to convince the audience that the actors, who were using the Zvr, were actually interacting with the projected elements, even though this was impossible to do on set. The on-screen Zvr was not operational during the shoot so it became essential to conduct thorough tutorials using a functional unit during our rehearsal process. HP provided us with a working Zvr that enabled the actors to use the technology and really understand how their hand placements and eye-lines worked relative to what they saw on screen. With adequate direction, coupled with a bit of “movie magic”, we were able to guide the actors to very convincing performances.




Transparent House provided all production elements – including scouting locations, casting and crewing, logistics, production support, etc. – across a three-day SF Bay Area shoot that featured spaces at the City College of SF, Gensler SF, Volume Inc., and the Chabot Observatory. More than 40 production professionals came together on location and in the production office to make this shoot a reality!




Our final step as a creative agency was to bring all the elements together into a cohesive whole. We enlisted the skills of our VFX and editorial post-production teams to assemble the 3D animation and live action production into a show-stopping final piece. This process, which also included music, sound effects, color correction, and finishing, is what really brought the story of HP’s Zvr to life. The final cut portrays how the HP Zvr is helping creators redefine how we communicate ideas to the world.