Project Feature: WOWCube

Project Feature: WOWCube

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New project with new partners! Beginning work in late 2020, Transparent House met with the WOWCube team to create an introduction to the WOWCube device for the CES 2021 show. The WOWCube itself is an entirely unique product in the consumer electronic space. The concept of the product can not be easily explained or described, which is exactly why TH was tasked with visualizing the numerous exciting use cases of the device. Our team had to find creative ways to fit in as much information as possible for the device, while not bogging the animation down with callouts to be distracting.

One of the driving forces of the WOWCube, and by extension our animation, is the broad audience that is able to enjoy the device in their own unique way. Demonstrating a variety of use cases was paramount to this effort – one of main challenges was to show off as many different use cases as possible without calling specific attention to each one. While there are titles that clearly state which application or feature that are being showcased, our team packed as much detail into other moments in between to get the most out of every second.

Transparent House is proud of our final product – an energetic view of the WOWCube brand, and the experiences that users can expect from the unique device.

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Interested in learning more about our process? Please visit our WOWCube Behance page for even more information and stunning product renders!