Project Feature: OnePlus Red Cable Club

Project Feature: OnePlus Red Cable Club

OnePlus welcomes you to the Red Cable Club, an exclusive loyalty program for OnePlus users to earn rewards, get limited-time deals, and win a wide variety of prizes. Members receive great benefits, such as an extended warranty on OnePlus devices, higher trade-in value for smartphones, free shipping, and Red Coins. Use them in the Red Coin store to claim prizes like cloud-based storage solutions, discounts on major food delivery platforms, exclusive website products, and much more. 

Via Transparent House

Our newest exciting collaboration with our partners at OnePlus is a frenetic, dynamic animation creatively visualizing this exclusive loyalty program’s valuable perks and offerings.

According to Transparent House Head of Production Michael Shatilov, “Our main goal in this project is to convey the fun, adventure, and excitement of accumulating bonuses, and the full range of opportunities that come from participating in this innovative loyalty program. The story is told in simple, vivid visuals within a light and colorful atmosphere, where the main character is the iconic red OnePlus cable that ties the whole story together.”

Check out a full breakdown of all parts of the project on our Behance Red Cable Club page, featuring early concepts and sketches!


Client: OnePlus USA
Creative Director: Carlos Zúñiga

Creative Production Agency: Transparent House, Inc.
Executive Producer: Denis Krylov
Head Of Production: Michael Shatilov
Art Direction: Michael Shatilov