Project Feature: OnePlus World

Project Feature: OnePlus World

Player skydiving

All of us at Transparent House, in conjunction with our partners at OnePlus, are excited to announce OnePlus World, a new metaverse experience on Roblox.

According to OnePlus: “Developed exclusively for OnePlus to reflect elaborate affinity with our brand identity and values, it is a great honor for us to invite fans of all ages to enjoy free access to the mind-blowing virtual OnePlus World. Across the innovative attractions and engaging, community-oriented experiences, our products and ideals unleash the fun while also promoting exploration, sharing, and openness. We are eager to hear visitor feedback and look forward to introducing even more compelling new features in the days to come.”

In regards to the decision to move forward with this particular metaverse experience, the TH team shares their thoughts.

“Through our ongoing engagement with OnePlus, we have been discussing development in the metaverse for some time,” began Denis Krylov, Executive Producer for Transparent House. “Ultimately, the decision was made to build on Roblox, to design a fun, utopian cityscape, and to focus on openness and exploration, where community members have total freedom, and virtually endless opportunities for highly imaginative gameplay experiences.”

Transparent House Producer Cameron Rosinski addressed the deep integration of brand values into OnePlus World. “OnePlus strives to deliver on speed and performance, and its ’Never Settle’ motto also served as our design mantra,” he said. “We set out to create an experience that lets visitors explore as they please, travel in exciting ways, and discover new realms.”

Set in a sprawling, mountainous, high-tech park nestled along on a coastline, visitors enter OnePlus World near the Event Center, a gathering hub offering communal activities, seasonal events, and special entertainment, with the dazzling OnePlus Store located nearby.

Every day, actual OnePlus phone owners rely on the essential “SuperVOOC” fast charging feature, so adapting that for OnePlus World play was a natural fit. At charging stations throughout the park, competitors can Fast Charge to run around even faster.

Inside OnePlus World, getting around is at least half the fun. Why walk when you can ride a zipline or skydive? Other alternative modes of transportation include piloting futuristic motorcycles, shredding on a hoverboard, with even more for players to discover.

Adventurous players can also hunt for special Treasure Mines, hidden locations, and complete the “Never Settle” word game. Whether taking on the mission to increase their Prestige Level or capturing shared photo and video memories with friends, players are sure to quickly discover: It’s a OnePlus World of fun.

“With its Roblox Studio constantly adding new features, and hundreds of millions of registered users, Roblox is a great platform for OnePlus to use to stake its claim in the metaverse,” said Alex Smetanin, Transparent House’s Head of Production. “This venture will allow anyone to interact with the brand and its values in interesting ways. Based on engagement, we will continue to optimize the features and expand the experiences in new and exciting ways.”

Carlos Zúñiga is Creative Director for OnePlus USA. Visit for further information on OnePlus World, and follow OnePlus on social media for all the latest news.