Project Feature: OnePlus 10 Pro Hyperboost

Project Feature: OnePlus 10 Pro Hyperboost

New animation just dropped! Our partners at OnePlus and Transparent House are excited to share a new venture into a completely different animation style. From an early point, both OnePlus and Transparent House decided the best vision forward was a fun visualization of the main feature of the phone, Hyperboost.

The main point of the animation for the user to completely see the advantages of using a OnePlus phone, with our focus creatively on expressing that not just through gameplay, but also props, objects, actions, and even facial expressions.

This is exemplified by the two main characters, as they went through many rounds of revisions or improvements. One is the “good guy” – using a OnePlus phone with a bunch of OnePlus branded objects in his side of the room. Meanwhile, the “bad guy” proved to be a bit more difficult. We went through many revisions on making him seem like the antagonist to the main character. The warm colors are replaced by cold greens and blues. His expressions are a bit more sinister as well. With that being said, the team’s main goal was to strike a balance, and not make the character comically evil, which took a few rounds to nail.

The team at OnePlus had this to say “When it comes to marketing material, it’s important to illustrate key features in exciting and unexpected ways and that’s exactly what Transparent House continues to deliver.” – Carlos Zúñiga, OnePlus Creative Director

We have even more behind the scenes to share with you on our Behance page, check it out here!

Client: OnePlus
Creative Production Agency: Transparent House, Inc.​​​​​​​
Executive Producer:  Denis Krylov
Head Of Production:  Michael Shatilov
Producer:  Cameron Rosinski 
Concept: Carlos Zúñiga and Transparent House