Who Needs VR Anyway?

Who Needs VR Anyway?

In 2016, if you’re not using virtual reality (VR), you’re behind the times. The advances in this technology over the past few years have allowed it to not only become highly accessible but remain fresh.

It’s clear that VR has taken the gaming industry by storm, but did you know that the Tribeca Film Festival has opened up a category for VR this year, and that VR is being used for exposure therapy in patients with anxiety disorders and phobias?


Among the many outlets for VR, it’s a standout for marketing and sales. At TH, we create photorealistic VR experiences and this new marketing method is proving to be immensely effective for us and our clients.

The VR experience we developed for Lennar Urban is being used at the SF Shipyard’s on-site Welcome Center and is available for download at the Apple App & Google Play stores. Experiences like theses allow our clients to make sales from anywhere in the world. Their clients are able to take a full tour of the space – no need to be on-site. The SF Shipyard has had a lot of early success, with units selling out quickly.

For our own 2015 marketing campaign, we created a virtual holiday card. Inexpensive cardboard headsets were sent to our clients with download instructions for the free app. The media picked up on the app quickly and dubbed it the first of its kind.

The newest VR headsets have some exciting additions that allow us to push these VR experiences for product marketing and sales.  Handheld controllers and motion tracking enable the user to move around within a space safely, and to manipulate objects in their hands. This means you can try out the newest tablet or test drive a car before it’s even off the production line.


We’ve learned that the number of ways to use this technology is endless. No matter the industry, if you have something to sell, VR can be the thing to sell it.

Have a product you’d like to see in 3D? Write to us at sf@transparenthouse.com.