Project Feature: OnePlus N300 Sizzle Video

Project Feature: OnePlus N300 Sizzle Video

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Our friends at OnePlus engaged Transparent House to create a series of marketing assets (both CG and photography) for its upcoming product launch of the N300 phone. 

Our creative goal was to create a visually impressive animation that shows the features of the device in an unusual and equally exciting way. We wanted the phone to be the “main actor,” surrounded by organic natural subjects and matter. TH invites the viewer on a journey where N300 is a force of nature, rewinding time with its fast charging feature, creating lush gardens with surround sound, and standing resilient in the face of adverse weather conditions. 

We have even more behind the scenes to share with you on our Behance page, check it out here!


“It’s an exciting time for creatives and brands alike. Transparent House can easily bring any wild idea to fruition thanks to the power of 3D.”

Carlos Zúñiga
OnePlus Creative Director 

In addition to full CG sizzle video, we have also produced a unique creative photo shoot. These photos continue our playful storytelling of the N300.  Find it here.  


Client: OnePlus

Creative Production Agency: Transparent House, Inc.

Executive Producer:  Denis Krylov

Head of Production:  Michael Shatilov

Concept:  Dmitry Kulikov

Graphic Design: Zoran Repac

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