Logitech Crayon

Logitech Crayon

“Join the fun, grab a Crayon!” So says Logitech about their new Crayon stylus, featuring Apple Pencil technology.

To bring this exciting new product to life, Logitech called on Transparent House to produce an animated spot showcasing the Crayon’s best features in a colorful light. The Transparent House team gave the stylus a playful personality while simultaneously showing how the product packs a powerful creative punch through our sleek animation and energetic custom made music. The 60-second journey explores how the Crayon adds versatility and depth to any digital artist’s toolset by delivering 7 hours of writing time, line weight haptic sensitivity, and ease of use with no pairing required.

The key challenge to master was to be able to bring the playful yet sophisticated character of the Logitech Crayon to life.

The first step involved doing several tests with the actual device for us to get a better sense of how the product works and interacts with the devices devices. The “true to life” experience of using the Logitech Crayon on the iPad very much simulated what it truly feels like using a pen on paper, which was very impressive. We found ourselves doodling away with pixel perfect precision and this was the very key objective we wanted to convey with the animation.

To achieve this objective meant running several simulations and tests to achieve a look and feel of the dancing Logitech Crayon moving across the surface in the most life-like manner. This meant not only solving the movement for the Crayon itself but it also meant we needed to show how the Logitech Crayon’s different motions yield different results in terms of line thickness etc., on the iPad.

Then we worked on aligning the style of the animation with Logitech’s sophisticated branding guidelines. Sleek, clean, and sophisticated are the lead-words, working with sophisticated animated elements in a clean 2D environment. After some back and forth with Logitech’s creative team we landed on a beautiful final look (see final animation below).


In parallel with the animation we also composed a custom track that meant to further bring the energy and character of the Logitech Crayon to life.

We’re very excited about the outcome of this project and we can’t wait to share with you more updates soon on all other things we’ve got cooking at our house!

Until next time,

Kristoffer and the TH team