Lennar Urban – The San Francisco Shipyard Sales and Welcome Centers

Lennar Urban – The San Francisco Shipyard Sales and Welcome Centers

Have you ever bought or leased a new home? If so, you know what a leap of faith that can be. Especially, if that new home hasn’t even been build yet.

That is just what The San Francisco Shipyard is up against.  Future tenants have begun signing leases, but construction of this new community is far from complete.  Our challenge at Transparent House: show tenants the vision of their future home and community at the Shipyard.


So, what did we do? We filled their downtown Sales Center and Welcome Center with digital and immersive technology. We created an application that is used by Lennar’s sales team for presentations on their large 2×2 monitor.


The app contains building floor plans, 360 degree building tours, renderings of the homes and community spaces, and the history of Hunters Point Shipyard through the years. For a more interactive experience, potential buyers can also use large touchtable screens and tour the application themselves.


But, the best way to feel what it will be like to live at the Shipyard, is through our immersive Oculus VR tours.



Future residents can take a virtual tour of apartments where they are immersed inside the 3D space. Look up, down, and all around to experience your new digs.

These digital and interactive experiences, created by TH, has helped Lennar Urban to sell the 12,000 units.

Want to learn more about Oculus VR? Keep you eyes peeled for our next post. You can also try it for yourself at the San Francisco Shipyard Welcome Center.