Lennar unveils SF Shipyard VR app

Lennar unveils SF Shipyard VR app

This weekend, our client Lennar Urban officially unveiled SF Shipyard VR app produced by Transparent House.


The SF Shipyard VR Tour 1.1 app is a fully stereoscopic, beautifully detailed 3D Virtual Reality mobile experience set in a luxury unit at The Shipyard Communities’ newly launched, The San Francisco Shipyard.


By utilizing the power of game engines and the latest Oculus SDK tools, Transparent House has developed a process that can efficiently push photorealistic 3D rendering and animation content to fully immersive VR. Targeting the mobile device industry, each build is tuned based on the size of the application – using Transparent House proprietary workflows – to provide the best balance of high definition graphics and device performance.


The SF Shipyard VR Tour 1.1 app leverages the 1280×1440 per eye high definition display on the Gear VR + Note 4/ Galaxy S6, providing the sharpest image of any other mobile VR headset currently on the market.


Together with Transparent House’s proprietary optimization workflow that leverages our photo-realistic CGI environments, the result is a seamless, intuitive and truly immersive experience.


An optimized version of The SF Shipyard VR Tour 1.1 app, designed to run on the latest Android and iOS phones in conjunction with Google Cardboard headsets, is free and available for download now on the Apple App and Google Play stores.


Branded Google Cardboard

The turnout at the Welcome Center was fantastic and of course everyone wanted to try this cutting edge technology.






Samsung Gear devices loaded with SF Shipyard VR app during the unveiling event on Saturday, August 29th at the Welcome Center at San Francisco Shipyard.

One of the amazing TH employees behind the project – Hideki Kawata.


To find out more, please download official Press Release here.