THVR Goes Back to School!

THVR Goes Back to School!

The THVR team recently had the opportunity to provide local middle schoolers with a less common career path as they look to prepare for their future.  With countless possible careers, children often encounter traditional and somewhat outdated ideas of what a “career” will look like.  THVR happily provided a glimpse inside the life of an agency and offered a look into a future forward career option.

The presentation turned out to be very popular! To compensate for all of the students who planned to attend, the presentation moved last minute from a single classroom to the auditorium. Our Director of Accounts, David Van Woert, led two sessions and some kids even skipped their second session to attend the discussion twice.

Many of the students in attendance knew quite a bit about the different headsets and VR gaming devices.  As we explained how our agency utilizes VR for marketing, the questions began to flood in! Unsurprisingly, our internal project, Lithium Motors, intrigued the audience and created some discussion.  We explained the design process behind the creation of the luxury car as a way to show our capabilities as a VR powerhouse for applications relating to product.

As the presentation and questions came to a close, it became clear what the middle schoolers were really waiting for.  The THVR team assured everyone that they would get to try out the headsets.  The energy and excitement was apparent as students lined up out the door to experience the simulations.

Despite our efforts to inspire the students, our own team left the presentation feeling inspired and excited by the enthusiasm of the middle schoolers.  Our internal team truly values the experience of sharing virtual reality development with young students as they prepare for possible career paths in the years to come.