Holiday 2020 Update

Holiday 2020 Update

Transparent House was founded in 2004 with the idea of bringing photorealistic computer graphics to the American marketing scene. It has been quite a ride for us since then. Every year has always brought a different challenge, but in 2020 we were faced with something completely new. At the end of 2019 we lost our beloved office in Jackson Square in San Francisco due to a huge rent spike. When our former landlord called me with the news, I told him that this constant and crazy growth in San Francisco can’t go on forever. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that the change would come so soon. By March 2020 we suddenly had 25 offices – well…home offices.

Today we are grateful for being able to work through this challenging year and coming out of it, not without scars, but still united as a strong team. We are still operating in 3 different countries, and we have seen a growing demand for cg across the different industries we are servicing. 

The Architectural Visualization part of our business got hit the hardest, but we were still fortunate enough to work on complex and meaningful projects with an ambitious vision, despite the current circumstances. On the product visualization side, we are thankful for our clients who are keeping us busy as we continue to deliver innovative and visually striking assets for their marketing efforts. Besides creating traditional renderings and animations, we’ve recently produced some really promising work on the AR front – we believe in the huge potential this technology has to offer, especially surrounding WebAR. We are excited to continue our spirit of innovation and progress into next year, building off the foundation laid by our talented team.

It was an immensely difficult year for all of us – something we certainly felt here at Transparent House. In the past, we usually would post a few projects we did over the course of the year but today we want to dedicate this newsletter to our amazing team members. Here are some of the moments they captured this year with one common theme – celebrating life. 

On behalf of our team, we wish you Happy Holidays and an epic 2021! 

Stay safe and healthy,

Denis Krylov, President of Transparent House

Team photo-collage