Forget Cardboard, Go Plastic!

Forget Cardboard, Go Plastic!

If you read our last two post, you already know that at TH we love VR. So much so, that we decided to have a little fun and make a headset of our own!

Introducing Transparent House Plastic – 3D Printed VR for iPhone 6


This internal exercise was, in part, an excuse to play with our 3D printer, but it did solve one issue we had with Google Cardboard: the need to open and close it each time we wanted to start a new app. Our 3D printed model solves this problem by giving the user constant screen access.

Our Plastic VR works flawlessly, but we did go through some trial and error when creating Transparent House Plastic VR.


Trial One: Our test model.

Error: A little thin and a bit floppy. This model did not function, but helped us to understand how to move forward.


Trial 2: Make it more sturdy.

Error: We nicknamed this model “Rubber VR” as it required a rubber band to secure the iPhone. While this model is functional and the sturdy, it gave us cracked screen anxiety.


Trial 3: Secure the phone.

Error: No errors here! An iPhone 6 sits securly inside.

We had so much fun with this project, and are thrilled that we were able to create a sturdy 3D printed VR device with optimal functionality.

Want to try it out? We’re giving you the model for free! All you’ll need is an iPhone 6, a 3D printer, and two 37 x 45mm lenses certified for VR Cardboard V2 which cost about $1 each.  Download our VR App, The SF Shipyard VR Tour 1.1 App from the Apple App and Google Play stores to try it out.


We want to see your Plastic VR! Please share on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with hashtag #THVR.