2014 Retreat

2014 Retreat

For the 2014 Transparent House retreat, we thought it best to explore the city we live in. But, how? By foot? By car? How about by boat…

We met at The Triton in Sausalito, oysters and rosé in hand, just as our Captain, Captain Kirk (no, really) docked the boat. We all boarded, took our seats, and listened carefully to the obligatory rules rundown.

“And, finally, rule number 4: Don’t get hammered.”  We cracked open our beers and set sail.

The ride started with a tour of the bay. We got all up under the Golden Gate Bridge and then sailed along San Francisco’s edge.


As our stomachs began to growl, we docked at Angel Island, took a short hike, and set-up our feast. After a few minutes of oyster slamming and kabob munching, Edik and Olga announced that they had set-up a surprise for us: 2 games – a push-up contest and a software quiz. The catch? Women only.


First up, the push-up contest. Push-up 20 came and the women started dropping like flies.   Natalie and Tana battled it out to push-up 35 where Natalie became the victor.



Next up, the software quiz. Ann took home the gold. Do you know that Maya is a 3D modeling and animation tool used for the product, architectural, and motion industries? Ann does.


Then came the surprise for our two winners! A 3D printed necklace of the Transparent House logo. ‘Cause we’re nerdy like that.


With our bellies full, our arms sore, and our brains rattled, we got back on our vessel for another short tour of the Bay. We docked the boat and wobbled ashore before going our separate ways to reconvene on Monday.