SF 472 Jackson Street
San Francisco
CA 94111 USA
T +1 415 501 9550
N. Syromjatnicheskaja 10, Building 9
ARTPLAY Design Center, Office 3.3.9
105120 Moscow Russia
ΠΆ +7 495 961 4767
BR Wilhelm-von-Siemens-Str. 23
12277 Berlin
T +49 (0) 30 89061641



Our management team has a breadth of experience from industries ranging from software development to tv broadcasting to graphic design. Our job is to let our talented creative teams do their job well, and make sure our clients get work that meets its objective.

We’d like to introduce you to:

DENIS KRYLOV A truly global businessperson, Denis speaks four languages, and leads the growth and talent development at Transparent House’s three offices. His entrepreneurial pursuits began in his teen years in Moscow, Russia. While still in college in Berlin, Germany Denis had a successful stint working in International Sales for Daimler Chrysler. He moved to San Francisco in 2000, directing operations for XIM, Inc, a mobile app development company. Denis thrives on the diversity of projects at Transparent House, and being able to constantly find new solutions and strategies for clients. He is a tireless producer who likes to be involved in the big picture down to the little details.
YURI PITOMTSEV Overseeing our Moscow office, Yuri has always been interested in visual art and how people interact with it. In fact, he holds degrees in both art and psychology (which he puts to good use on a daily basis). Yuri discovered 3D software in the late 90’s and his skills led him to team up with Denis in 2004 to start Transparent House. As a Creative Director, Yuri oversees production on many projects, while constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done to visualize a concept. His latest creation is his new son, who teaches Yuri daily what it’s like to have a very demanding boss.

KRISTA MOLLION Krista joined Transparent House after project management stints in Bay Area software companies, such as Autodesk and Siebel Systems, very soon after its inception and has helped us enjoy steady growth over the last 7 years. She is the alternative power source that keeps the studio perpetually revved up. Whether it’s developing marketing strategies for clients or supporting the production team through late-night work sessions, Krista knows how to keep projects moving through the pipeline. She is also skilled in asking laser-pointed strategic questions to pinpoint the specific needs of a business. Like Denis, she is multi-lingual, having lived and worked all over the world. With her international business experience, Krista encourages clients to think big about ways to expand into new markets.


We attract and build teams with the right skill sets and talents to bring fresh creativity to every project. Our core team includes: graphic designers, 3D artists, motion designers, and web developers. Our extended team includes: architectural consultants, interior designers, film directors and photographers. Assembling diverse teams makes our project results stand apart from the competition.